Андрей Думчев 2021
Working smart!
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I am creative, highly motivated and data-driven marketing professional with a solid experience in digital and traditional advertising, design, and media production. I am looking for a job in a company that have enough ambitions to compete on a global market.




I was born in Ukraine, get Ph.D. in Russia, studded in Germany and United states. I can speak, write and read in English, fluently in Russian, understand and speak at elementary level in Ukranian

Marketing skills: planning, research, production, execution, analytics.

Management skills: teamleading, brand management, project management, event management. 

Design skills: graphic design, presentations, web design. 

Handy Skills: business English, public speaking, creative writing, blind typing, narrating (voicing over).

Work Experience

Head of marketing

2015 - 2022, Sochicheckpoint.ru, Sochi, Russia (part time)

  • event promotion
  • commercial offers creation
  • negotiations and contracting
  • presentations
  • leading a four people team: smm, designer, sales manager, analytic

Senior Marketing Manager

2014-2022, NPJSC "Center "Omega", Sirius, Russia

Under this calm company name a large business is hiding. "Omega" owned and managed a huge Olympic infrastructure legacy: "Sochi Olympic Park", skating center "Alder-Arena", the World's biggest hotel complex "Barkhatnie Sezony", that could host 20 000 people simultaneously in 2014 and Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix Circuit "Sochi Autodrom".

Jobs list







Formula 1

I used to combine my work with different projects that can help me to get new experience and knowledge. Starting from 2015 and finishing in 2021 I used to work for Formula 1 at Sochi Autodrom. I had worked on Internet marketing (SEO and promotion) and in recent years as an Editor for internal venue radio for autodrome and Olympic park.

Olympic Games

When I came back after a year in United States I had started working in Information Center of the Organizing Committee of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi in 2013. After the Games I had moved to "Center "Omega" 

Program Director

The same year I moved to the "Griff-Media" - media holding company and start working as a news editor for radio stations (Europa Plus, Russian Radio), host evening interactive programs, and some time later became the program director and regional promo manager of the famous Russian entertaining TNT TV channel. 

Media Start

My carrer has began in TV company "Region - 45" (Kurgan, Russia) in 1999. For several years I worked as a news presenter, cameraman, reporter, video editor and finished as a Chief editor of the Prime Channel (entertaining youth programs). 

At the same time I studded on my Ph.D. in history. I had successfully defend thesis about history of regional TV and get diploma in 2006.

Professional training

I did not broke up with University and after getting Ph.D. I combine working for media holding with teaching students at the Department of Journalism and Mass Communications. Being assistant professor I did not give up learning myself and took advanced training courses at the Internews school (Moscow), the BBC school (Yekaterinburg), completed the Presidential educational program for managers, had an internship in Germany hosted by GIZ and studied at the University of Arkansas in Department of Journalism for Fulbright program.

Audio projects

Video production

Work on television was all ablout news and entertaining programs production. Of course the part of this job was ads creation. After TV company I was involved in different kind of projects.




I was a part of panoramas creation project that took place in Sochi after the Olympics.  

Finished panorama
Panorama creation process
Panoramas shooting vehicle


I was lucky to win a Wikipedia Award for the development of the Wikiversity development. I was looking for an online platform on which I could work with students of the Department of Journalism of Kurgan State University. Wikiversity cannot be considered as a full-fledged platform for online education, but a number of tasks were solved very successfully there for free. You can check how the Wiki page looks today.


With the the help of Fulbright program I went to study abroad and learn more than a knowledge. I'm deeply greatful to this eye opening opportunity. 

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get.”

Forrest Gump 

A Smile

After a long stay in United States I was seriously worried how many sullen people was around me in Russia. I could not believe it! I knew that nice attitude and good mood is just hiding inside them. I took my camera and went to rescue people's smiles. 


Sports: mountain bike riding, skyrunning, triathlon.

Books: Richard Bach - Illusions. 

Fonts: Bebas, Akrobat, Proxima Nova

Color: garnet varnish

Blind typing

I knew that I should learn blind typing when the first "Lord of the Rings" movie released. One year I had spend on this task, but all the other years and now I'm riding my blind typing skill as hard as possible. I had reached the level that my fingers is faster than a verbal thoughts. 

Blind typing average speed in Russian language: 320 characters per minute (370 max)

Blind typing average speed in English language: 220 characters per minute (300 max)


with Bernie Ecclestone
Certificate for the final F1 Russian GP
My working place in Sochiautodrom.
Chase Carey
Телекомпания "Регион - 45", вторая студия.


There are few people with whom I would like to make a picture with.

Artemiy Lebedev

Artemiy is the most famous designer in Russia. He was a pleasant guy and made good work, but he had got political poisoned and designs also had got soured.

How I met Artemiy

German Travnikov

German is a world class artist of the old school. He is highly admired by my father and by me.

Dale Carnegie

His books are so fundamental and broad that many of modern coaches just rewriting his points in not a perfect way